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If you’ve been looking for an event planning company in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place. Synergy Events UK is your number one event organiser. As a trusted brand, we plan, organise, and book important events across the country for you. Here are some of our best events.

Airshows and Aviation Events

In the UK, there are hundreds of exciting aviation events that are available all year round. If you’ve no idea where these events are taking place, how to get there, or where to find the tickets, we are here for you. We offer the most competitive ticket prices for different airshow events. So choose your favourite event and fill out our online payment form to register your participation.

Keep You Informed

Aviation event changes are hard to keep up with if you’ve no reliable resources. We keep you updated on planned events and let you know when they’re happening. By subscribing to our blog, you’ll receive timely updates on upcoming events or changes in planned events.


Are you going to an aviation event for the first time and don’t know what to take or how to stay safe over the period? We keep you furnished with different strategies for making your aviation event successful. Whether you’re a photographer, interested in visiting attraction sites around the event or want to learn about airshows, we have everything for you.

Are you an aviation event organiser or need to attend these events but don’t know where to buy a ticket? You can book any of the airshows within the UK through our website. Contact us today or fill out our inquiry form to get started.