Essential Airshow Safety Tips

Essential Airshow Safety Tips

Nothing beats an airshow when it comes to the best family outing activity. With everyone focused on having fun and socializing with other participants, it’s easy to succumb to accidents and other unprecedented mishaps. Here are strategies that’ll enhance your safety in an airshow event.

Wear Sunscreen

Protecting your skin against harsh weather is important. The events are held in open fields for enhanced visibility, which might affect your skin due to the scorching sun. To get lasting memory, ensure everyone wears an effective sunscreen.

Protect Your Eyes

Don’t be deceived by the clear blue sky and forget to wear sunglasses. Although you don’t want to miss a bit of the action, gazing at the sky for the aeroplanes with bare eyes is a risk. Get some standard sunglasses to prevent eyestrain and watch the action unfold for days without feeling an itch.

Carry Mobile Device

Our mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and airshows are no exception. You can stay connected with your friends and on registration, engage in your favourite online casino games.

Stay Hydrated

With most aviation events taking place in the summer, you’re prone to dehydration if you don’t carry water. Pack non-alcoholic drinks in a small bag and drink whenever you feel thirsty to avoid a headache and other dehydration effects.

Come With Earplugs

In an airshow, not every plane produces indistinct sounds. Most of them are ridiculously loud and could damage your ears. Protect your ears and those of your family by buying earplugs for everyone.

Avoid Umbrellas

Despite umbrellas coming in handy during sunny days, they’re not safe to use in airshow events. The thrust developed by the aeroplanes while taking off may take your umbrella airborne. Luckily, most summers have little or no rain hence no need for an umbrella.