How to Capture Captivating Airshow Photographs

How to Capture Captivating Airshow Photographs

Airshows provide attendants with a high-decibel opportunity for capturing aircraft images that are viewed as dots in the sky in their simple static form. The military and general planes’ impressive stunts and incredible feats provide an excellent platform for rewarding photography. As you prepare your camera set for the air show event, don’t forget to catch up with the mad fun on mFortune on your mobile device. Below are tips on how to capture fantastic images in an airshow.

Good Viewing Point

Regardless of your camera strength, you may not capture great images if you’re seated at the wrong points. Get to the venue earlier and choose a point that will be open to incoming and outgoing jets. If possible, get a place under a shade that offers a full view of the venue.

Camera Lens Choice

Your long wait for a beautiful photographic weekend doesn’t have to be spoilt by the poor lens. A powerful lens will deliver perfect shots, while weak ones will spoil the fun. Acquire a longer lens and a full-frame sensor for the occasion. A tripod will also stabilize the camera and allow consistent capture of images.

Stock the Images in a Memory Card

When you start taking images in airshows, it never stops until the event is over. Don’t allow the camera space to be full before the event is over. Pack extra memory cards to get storage for as many photographs as possible.

Clean the Camera Sensor

Instead of taking hours to edit your photos, clean the camera lenses before heading to the event. The presence of dust particles on a camera may affect the image quality, especially if you’re shooting with narrow apertures.